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Healing Crystals, What It’s All About

Healing crystals have been around for millennia, with various cultures and civilizations putting value on precious stones and minerals for a variety of purposes. While the practice has gone down in terms of relevance over the years, there are still many who subscribe to the faith placed on such methods. In fact, it’s particularly popular in the field of alternative health where Offers & Coupons are widespread.


Now, it’s worth pointing out that there is a lot of debate about the effectiveness of such practices, even within the alternative health industry. To provide some background with regards to this subject and facilitate a more productive discussion, let’s take a look at the relevant details surrounding healing crystals.

Healing Crystals, Through the Millennia

Humanity has always had an affinity with valuable materials gathered from the earth, including precious gems, metals, and of course, crystals. The practice of placing importance in ornaments and gemstones can actually be traced back up to 66,000 years ago, when early humans created accessories via bones, teeth, or ivory to add a bit of personality to their daily lives – just like glasvezel alles in een vergelijken  these days.

It wasn’t until between 6,000 to 3,000 years ago, however, that early civilizations started using gemstones and crystals for healing purposes. Records with regards to this matter are disparate, but the practice has been observed through various cultures, ranging from the early Chinese to the Native Americans. You can go on an Amsterdam Holiday and wonder what can i see in Amsterdam in one day yet still find its presence there.

Cultural Relevance

The relevance that so many civilizations placed on crystals extends far beyond simple vanity or superficial value. Although there have been many times when gemstones and crystals were used to decorate monarchs and rulers, their use wasn’t simply because they looked pretty or some other superficial reason like that. No, it was because they also represented power and divinity.

In fact, there were numerous examples of cultures that integrated precious gems and crystals into the fabric of their societies because such things were thought to bring them closer to their various gods and deities. By wearing or using them, it’s as if they are close to being divine, as well.

Use in Healing

These days, healing crystals have seen a resurgence in popularity. The alternative medicine industry is doing especially well by selling such items and they do so by capitalizing on a practice that dates back millennia. Depending on the culture, how healing crystals and gems were used can differ. They could be worn, placed near a patient, or be used alongside other items. These are actually still done today.

Spiritual Meaning

In conjunction with the medicinal effects that were attributed to crystals and gemstones, they were also given substantial spiritual significance. Some cultures thought that they contained the spirits of nature or that they could be used to store dreams and thoughts. Crystals were even used in rituals.

The Debate

The debate with regards to the actual benefits of healing crystals still rage to this day. One side argues that it works while the other is emphatic in expressing its scepticism. As to who is right, time will tell.